HNB Guard Dog

“I wish I would have known that fraudulent transaction was completed sooner!”

“I don’t want to check my HNB Online Banking account all the time to protect myself from fraud.”

Protecting your account is now easier than ever with…

HNB Guard Dog

How it works:

  • Enroll in the service or edit your account HERE! (You will need your debit card number, last four (4) digits of your SS#, postal code, and device phone numbers.)
  • When you enroll you will:
    • Sign on to website,
    • Enter valid card number followed by the enrollment criteria for the card (last 4 of social and zip code),
    • Verify Terms & Conditions & Service Usage Guide, and
    • Enroll a device for the card in the “DEVICE/CREATE DEVICE” tab.
      • Enter the 10 digit mobile device number and click ‘Submit’.
      • Send the required message provided to 27576
      • Verify you receive a confirmation message: “Guardian enrollment complete.  Alerts start within 24 hrs. Msg&Data rates may apply, Msgs per issuer setting. Reply STOP to cancel. Reply HELP for Help.”
  • Up to five (5) devices may be added to receive alerts.
  • The Do-Not-Disturb option will allow the cardholder to determine time periods in which a text should not be sent.  The alerts will be stored until the Do-Not-Disturb time period is over, and then the stored alerts will be sent to the cardholder.  The Do-Not-Disturb time frame may not exceed 12 hours.
  • Alert messages will only be triggered if one of the “rules” below occur:
    • International purchases
    • Fuel purchases
    • Authorizations greater than $100
    • Three (3) or more transactions in 24 hours
    • Card not present
    • Out-of-state transactions
    • Declined authorizations                     
    • Account receives funding from services such as Visa Direct, MasterCard Send, person-to-person transactions, and digital wallets.
  • Alert messages will include “HNB Guardian Alert…,” merchant name or ATM location, transaction amount (if available), and an alphanumeric code that the cardholder will text if the transaction is fraudulent.
  • If you completed the transaction – simply ignore the alert. 
  • If you DID NOT complete the transaction – reply with the alphanumeric code supplied in the alert, and a Risk Management Analyst will confirm the fraud with a phone call and place a block on the debit card.
  • After reporting the fraudulent transaction, contact HNB to order a new debit card.

Other Information:

  • The number of alerts received will be based on card usage. 
  • Cardholders will not receive more than one message per transaction on each enrolled card.
  • Message and Data Rates may apply.
  • Terms & Conditions
  • You may discontinue the receipt of Alerts immediately by texting the word “STOP” (without quotes) in reply to a Guardian Alert.  All cards tied to that phone number will then no longer receive text alerts.  You may unsubscribe from this service entirely on the Website.  Cardholders can also discontinue alerts by texting the word STOP to 27576.
  • If you need help regarding the use of this service or your account, the cardholder may reply to an Alert message with the word HELP.  You may also call 888-868-8611 or email