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Dollar the Dragon Kids Savings Club

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Help children –

  • Build consistent saving habits by rewarding them for making regular deposits
  • Create a positive banking experience & build a long-lasting relationship with a bank
  • Use a Website for education and fun

Joining the Club

Whether it is money from the tooth fairy, birthday cash, or an allowance, the Dollar the Dragon Club is the perfect account for kids age 14 and under. Parents or guardians can help children open their accounts with a deposit of $5.00 or more and teach them the importance of saving money.

Upon opening the Dollar the Dragon Club Account, the child will be given a Mini Dragon Bank, a binder for their statements, an insert for the binder cover sleeve that they can color and personalize, a Club Card and a sticker for their initial deposit.


  • Parents, accompanied by their child aged 14 or younger may open a savings account in the child’s name using the PAUTMA registration
  • Parent/Guardian photo or other ID is required along with verification of the child’s SSN
  • Existing HNB Savings Accounts may be transferred to a club account – keep the same number
  • Type – Statement Savings Account
  • Minimum Balance to Open – $5.00 (no fees for falling below $5.00)
  • Interest – All Balances Earn Interest
  • Statements – Quarterly
  • Rate – Current Statement Savings Account rate (variable)
  • Free Internet & Telephone Banking
  • Upon attaining the age of 14, the account will be automatically converted to a regular savings account.  Parents may opt to convert to The U Club Savings and/or Checking Account prior to the child reaching their 14th birthday.  Notification of the change will be sent to the account holder.

Upon opening the Dollar the Dragon Club Account or converting from an existing HNB Savings Account, the child will be given:

  • A Mini Dragon Bank
  • A binder for their statements with an inside pocket to hold Club Cards and other materials
  • An insert for the binder cover sleeve to color and customize
  • A Special Club Card which accommodates up to five coin stickers
  • One Custom Club Sticker
  • An order will be placed for a Special Statement Savings packet with an account register, deposit tickets & a cover

Club Benefits

Every deposit earns one coin sticker per visit
Deposits made using the receipt from the Coin Sorting & Counting Machines in the lobby earn a bonus sticker.
Stickers are limited to one per visit/day – two if depositing the Coin Machine Receipt amount.
Every card filled with five stickers can be “Cashed In” for a gift from the Dragon’s Lair or saved and combined with other filled cards for more valuable treasures.
A newsletter will accompany quarterly statements.  It will have updates, announcements, and new items in the Dragon’s Lair, etc.
Each member will receive a Birthday Card – with a “Birthday Bonus Sticker” inside – from Dollar the Dragon, to celebrate their “Big Day”.
Members can “Cash In” their cards by visiting or mailing to any office and identifying the item(s) they wish to get. Some items – especially the higher redemption value ones – may not be available at the Branch. These requests are forwarded to the Club Coordinator for processing.

Special Club Saver Cards

The Special Club Cards accommodate up to 5 stickers and give members a way to track their progress. For every deposit made by visiting any HNB Office, a Dollar the Dragon Club Member will receive one coin sticker on their card. They will receive one additional coin sticker if deposit is made using a receipt from one of our Coin Sorting & Counting Machines located in each Branch Lobby. Deposits by mail, ATM, or direct deposit do not qualify for coin stickers. Club members can save their coin stickers and then “Cash In” their filled cards for a variety of Treasures from the Dragon’s Lair. Throughout the year special bonus items may be awarded to those who have reached a certain number of stickers at that time. Not all items may be available for immediate delivery when Club Members visit the bank to redeem their card & stickers.

Dragon’s Lair Treasures

Cards filled with stickers can be redeemed as follows:

5 Stickers Earn-
A Bib, Foam Flyer, Lucite Ruler, Fun Putty, Sunglasses, Kick Ball, or Pencil
10 Stickers Earn-
A Water Bottle, Sports Safe, Magic Spring, Jump Rope, Paddle Ball, or Kaleidoscope
15 Stickers Earn-
A Spin Light, Carabiner/Calculator, Yo Yo, Foam Squirter, or Flashlight
20 Stickers Earn-
A Clock, Gumball Machine, or a Plush Dollar the Dragon
25 Stickers Earn-
A Deluxe Dollar the Dragon Backpack

Visit Dollar the Dragon’s Lair

Club guidelines as well as the availability of Dragon’s Lair items and scheduled activities are subject to change.