HNB Flexible Freedom

Just like a traditional Personal or Home Equity Line of Credit… but better!

With Flexible Freedom Line of Credit you can lock in a fixed rate for a term that fits your life and your budget.

Apply securely online today!

Use the line to buy a car, truck, boat, or fund a special home improvement project
Lock in that amount for a set term – at a fixed rate – and part of your monthly payment will go towards paying that off.

Set as many rates and terms as you like –
Recommended $5,000 minimum for Home Equity loans or $1,000 for Lifeline personal lines of credit.

Gives you control over how & when you repay your loans and at what rates.

Save Time –
Make applying for vehicle or other loans a thing of the past.
No recurring proof of employment, income or value of collateral.

Save Money –
No fee for locking in a rate and term like there are with processing new loan applications and paperwork

At any time after you have a Flexible Freedom Home Equity or Lifeline Line of Credit –
–         Choose the term of your loan
–         Fix the rate to repay that loan over that term
–         The rest of the loan is still available as a line of credit

No need to get a car loan, then a student loan, then a home improvement loan

Why pay a higher rate for a personal or vehicle loan,
when Home Equity Loans are some of the BEST Rates!