Bank-to-Bank Transfers

With The Honesdale National Bank’s Bank-to-Bank Transfer Service you can electronically transfer funds between your HNB checking or money market account(s) and your checking or money market account(s) at another U. S. financial institution.

HNB’s Bank-to-Bank Transfers are ideal for those with accounts at other U. S. financial institutions, brokerage firms, or with family members out of the area.
– Deposit funds from an account at another Financial Institution into your HNB account.
– Send funds to your account at another financial institution from your HNB account.

All you need is –

Get Started
Pick up an enrollment form at any HNB office (click here for a printable version) or Apply Securely Online.

  1. Provide the required information on the form.
  2. Deliver it to any HNB office, mail it to The Honesdale National Bank, PO Box 350, Honesdale, PA 18431, or click “Submit.”
  3. When the information is verified and approved, you will receive an email notifying you that the service is now available along with easy-to-follow instructions.
  4. You can start transferring funds. Funds transfers are completed within three (3) business days.

Set Up Instructions:

  1. Sign in to your HNB Online Banking account.
  2. Click on “Bank-to-Bank” (at the top of your internet banking page).
  3. Enroll in the service after you read and agree to the terms of the agreement by clicking Enroll.
  4. Click on Add Account to begin adding accounts at other banking institutions. Enter all information required and then click Submit at the bottom.
  5. HNB will send a micro deposit to the other financial institution for verification.
  6. To verify the amount of the deposit click on Enrolled Accounts within Bank to Bank and enter the amount in the area provided.
  7. Once the account is verified, Bank-to-Bank transfers can be set up by clicking on “New Transfer”.

Transfer Money Between Banks

With HNB’s “Bank-to-Bank Transfer” feature, you can easily transfer funds both to and from your personal checking or money market accounts. Make up to three (3) transfers per business day to/from up to five (5) different checking or money market accounts at any other financial institution in the U.S. Maximum of $2,500 in transfers per business day.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers let you securely move money between your HNB checking or money market accounts and accounts that you own at other institutions. The transfer process is completed within three (3) business days.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers from The Honesdale National Bank gives you:

  • Freedom from writing checks
  • The ability to set up recurring transfers
  • A secure and seamless way to transfer your money
  • The opportunity to transfer money from another financial institution to your HNB accounts
  • A single access point for all your banking needs
  • The ability to fund a child or dependent’s account while away from home

Eligible Types of Transfer Accounts

  • Your personal checking or money market accounts at The Honesdale National Bank
  • Eligible personal checking or money market accounts at other banks or financial institutions (Credit Unions, Investment, or Brokerage Accounts, etc.)

How to Get Started

To access HNB’s Bank-to-Bank feature, you must:
– Have an eligible HNB checking account
– Be an HNB Online Banking customer or a business client without Cash Management
– Complete a Bank-to-Bank Transfer Enrollment Form and submit it for approval or apply securely online

You can start transferring funds as soon as your enrollment is approved.
Once you set up the account, you will not need to enter that information again.

Enrollment in the Bank-to-Bank Transfer Service is subject to the approval of The Honesdale National Bank.  Any violation of the terms and conditions of the Bank-to-Bank Transfer Agreement or the Online Banking Agreement will result in the termination of this service. The Bank-to-Bank transfer module allows customers to perform inbound and outbound transfers using a drop-down menu on the HNB Online Banking application. Customers provide the bank names, routing numbers, and account numbers for the accounts they want to enroll in the service, and that information is submitted to HNB where the external accounts are validated. Users must be an authorized signor on all accounts referenced. Funds transfers are completed within three (3) business days.