Mobile ATM & Event Truck

Have HNB’s ATM & Event Truck At Your Next Event!


The Honesdale National Bank’s Mobile ATM & Event Truck is an excellent way to provide convenient “on site” cash dispensing for those attending your special event.  They will have cash available when and where they need it.

The truck may also be used for announcing or background music at your event.

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HNB’s Mobile ATM & Event Truck is a 1962 Dodge Town Panel Truck. Click here to watch the restoration and view pictures of events!

In it, we have installed:

  • A cash dispensing ATM
  • A sound system to play CDs or AM/FM stations
  • A wireless microphone system for announcements

HNB’s Mobile ATM & Event Truck is ideal for:

  • Fairs, Carnivals, Festivals, and Bazaars
  • Auto, Boat, and RV Shows
  • Outdoor Ceremonies
  • Civic and Community Events
  • Business Grand Openings or Anniversary Events
  • Conference and Tourism Events

Mobile ATM Specifications

Can your event accommodate this vehicle?  See below.

ATMs: 1 Cash Dispensing ATM
Height: 9 feet
Width: 10 feet
Length: 22 feet
Weight: 3,500 pounds
Electrical: 110 volt, 30 AMP service preferred (20 AMP minimum)
Electrical Service: must be within 100′ of ATM Truck location
Phone Line: 1 dedicated phone line (Fax lines are acceptable)
Phone Service: able to obtain a dial tone and connect to a Toll-Free number without dialing “9”
Voice mail: Phone service Voice mail must be disabled while in service
Phone Line Jack: must be within 125′ of ATM Truck location

One of the additional ways we at HNB serve the area is by providing support to organizations, which hold events that enrich the lives of the members of the community. Our Mobile ATM & Event Truck accepts HNB ATM, Debit & Credit Cards as well as cards from other institutions with the following network logos:  Plus®, Pulse®, American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, Visa®, Cirrus®, and Quest®.

When requesting our Mobile ATM & Event Truck, please notify the HNB Marketing Department at least three (3) weeks prior to your event.