Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re here for you.

That’s what the HNB Family is for.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our area’s families, local businesses and community resources. From immediate relief to long-term considerations, HNB is here to help with solutions as personal as our relationships with each of you.


Watch How HNB is Here for You

Personal Loans, Mortgages

HNB is ready to assist customers currently experiencing difficulty fulfilling a loan payment obligation as a direct result of COVID-19 or those that feel this circumstance could arise in the immediate future. From delayed payments through extensions to forbearance and other considerations we can determine the right fit for your needs.

For support, please contact your local HNB Office or our Mortgage Center.


Loans and Debt Consolidation

If you are finding yourself in need of restructuring your finances or a solution to bridge some gaps as you get back on your feet, HNB would like to help you do just that. We offer a variety of solutions that can help you make ends meet and keep your long-term goals on track.

To get started, please contact your local HNB Office or a member of our Personal Lending Team.


Small Business and Commercial Banking Customers

We want to help our local businesses stay strong and our communities resilient. As every business and industry have felt the impact of COVID-19 we are willing to work with each of you to support your individual circumstances. From extensions, forbearance, new lending needs, employee educational programs and more – HNB has in-house solutions to manage your needs.

Our seasoned team can also help guide you through the application process for the U.S. Small Business Administration options available through the CARES Act and connect you with other local and national relief programs.


Small Business Loan Assistance