Other Bank Services

HNB offers a variety of additional services and support for your money management needs.

24-Hour Telephone Banking

Manage your accounts with a touch-tone phone. Establish a passcode, and use the menu to complete your banking session by calling 1-888-462-9773.

Menus Include

  • Account information
  • Funds transfer
  • Merchant check verification
  • The option to speak with an HNB customer service representative (during banking hours) or to leave a message

Bank by Mail

When need requires, our HNB Offices can provide pre-addressed envelopes to assist you with your banking.

Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders

These checks or drafts are widely accepted because they are issued on cash or collected funds in your HNB Checking, Money Market or Savings Account. Certified Cashier’s Checks are also available. Visit your local HNB Office to obtain.

Coin Machines

Coin sorting and counting machines are located in most HNB Offices. Save time and let our coin machines sort and count your loose change. This service is free to all HNB customers. Review information about your local HNB Office for service availability. 

Night Depository

Each office provides this safe and secure after-hours banking alternative for our business customers. Deposits and payments are processed the next business day. Bags and keys are available for businesses upon request.

Notary Service

Staff members at each office are available to notarize signatures required on many important documents. HNB also offers remote notary / electronic notary services. For more information, please contact your local HNB Office or tradu@hnbbank.com. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep valuables or important papers safe and secure. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes for yearly rental. Rental payments are automatically paid from your HNB checking or savings account.

Safe Keeping of Wills

The HNB Financial Group will protect your will from fire or theft while providing easy access at the time it is needed.

Signature Guarantee

With proper identification, our bank officers will guarantee signatures that are required on stock certificates and many investment related documents.

U.S. Postal Service Stamps

Books of U.S. Postal Service stamps can be purchased at all HNB Offices at the regular postal rate, except our Lackawaxen Office, which is located next to a post office for your convenience.

Wire Transfers

Transfer collected funds in your HNB deposit account, for the benefit of yourself or others, to many domestic and foreign financial institutions.

FedNowTM Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payments allow you to receive payments in seconds from individuals or businesses offering you greater financial flexibility and capability. Please visit the Federal Reserve's website for a list of participating financial institutions.