That's HNB & Me

At HNB, we see our customers, neighbors and fellow businesses and communities  as members of our extended HNB family. And we all know, that family comes first. 
We know you.
We believe in getting to know you not just when we meet, but throughout the years. We build personal relationships with our customers so that we can greet you by name and support you with the personalized service that family should come to expect.
We care for you.
Your daily needs and your bigger dreams are shared by us too. Through the best of times and the worst of times, we will work hand-in-hand to help support you. We understand what keeps you up at night and what powers you through the day. Our goal is to make sure that your financial needs hum as they should so you can remain focused on what matters most at any given moment. 
We support your ambitions. 
There is something that drives all of us. From watching generations pass on traditions and achieve new heights; to a business opening a new location; or a community increasing the services available to its residents -- we want to be a part of it -- from day one. We also know that your heights are limitless. We want to make sure that we can help you put your own strengths and opportunities to work. Remember, it is possible. 
We're here for the major milestones and the small moments in between. 
From the arrival of your bundle of joy to their wedding day. Or your first customer to your passing the key to your business in a succession plan. Those moments are, well...everything.
But so are all the moments in between. No matter how small, we know they are significant. Maybe not to someone else, but they are to you -- and that means everything to us. We want you to feel confident that you can keep each of those moments coming without worry as to whether or not they are what you pictured they would be. 
We want to teach and be taught. 
We know managing money and understanding how to build a financial plan might not be your cup of key. That's why we are here to serve as a resource, to help you learn and know what tools are at your disposal and how to take small steps to work towards your goals. Likewise, we want you to teach us. We want you to keep us informed of what matters to you so we can continue to improve our services to best support your needs. 
We want to be your rock. 
Family is always there for you and so are we. You may not realize it everyday, but we are standing by you through every experience. Since 1836, HNB has stood by its customers and we look forward to continuing that tradition. 
HNB knows you. HNB cares about you. HNB guides you. HNB connects you. 

That's HNB & me.