Estate Planning

No matter what we own, we know we can’t bring it with us when we pass away. So who gets what and when? That’s for you to decide with Estate Planning administered through the HNB Financial Group.

Everything you own makes up your estate – no matter how extravagant or modest in shape or size. Establishing a plan for what happens to your belongings, home, car and more can put you at ease that things will be managed to your preference after you’re gone. Our Trust Officers can assist in coordinating your estate plans with your legal, tax, and financial advisors to help assure that your plan and documentation is complete and efficient.

Estate Administration

When losing a loved one, the days and even years ahead can be difficult to say the least. To ensure that your estate will be settled in a professional, timely, and unbiased manner, consider naming The Honesdale National Bank as your Executor. Our Trust Officers have extensive experience in the estate settlement field and are able to provide guidance and expertise at a difficult time.

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