Kids' Savings Club

Build Strong Savings Habits From the Start

The HNB Kids' Savings Club is a great resource for kids up to the age of 14 to learn the value of savings. As a penny saved is a penny earned, the Kids' Savings Club aims to provide tools and engaging activities to support the development of strong savings habits that will lead to strong money management skills.

HNB's friend, Blu, is also here to help kids build strong financial habits for the future. He looks forward to connecting with you throughout the year as we all work to build our savings skills and keep our communities growing strong!

Features and Benefits

Teaching Kids Finance

Access courses, articles, games and more to help your children learn about money at age-appropriate levels. Teaching kids about personal finances gives them a head start, and we don't just mean piggy banks! Help kids master strategies in investing, saving, and even credit.

Account Requirements

  • $5.00 minimum balance at account opening
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Must be under the age of 14
  • Upon attaining the age of 14, the account will automatically convert to The U Club® Savings Account unless otherwise specified by the parent/guardian

Financial Building Blocks

Visit Money as You Grow for additional tips and information on how to encourage children to build strong savings and money management habits early.

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