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By clicking submit application, I/We hereby apply for the loan or credit described in this application. I/We certify that I/we made no misrepresentations in this loan application or in any related documents, that all information is true and complete, and that I/we did not omit any important information. I/we agree that any property securing the loan or credit will not be used for any illegal or restricted purpose. Lender is authorized to verify with other parties and to make any investigation of my credit, either directly or through any agency employed by Lender for that purpose. Lender may disclose to any other interested parties information as to Lender's experiences or transactions with my account. I understand that Lender will retain this application and any other credit information Lender receives, even if no loan or credit is granted. These representations and authorizations extend not only to Lender, but also to any insurer of the loan and to any investor to whom Lender may sell all or any part of the loan. I/We further authorize Lender to provide to any such insurer or investor any information and documentation that they may request with respect to my application, credit or loan.
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