CD Special

What Will You Save for in 2024?

A Certificate of Deposit from The Honesdale National Bank offers a secure and reliable option for savings. With competitive interest rates and a range of maturity terms, customers can tailor their investment to meet their financial goals. This predictable return makes it an appealing choice for those seeking stability and gradual growth. Whether saving for short-term needs or long-term aspirations, a CD from HNB provides a trustworthy avenue for individuals to watch their savings steadily accumulate over time.

Woman thinking about wealth possibilities.

At HNB, we combine personalized service with great rates to put you on the best path to realizing your short or long-term goals. For us, it's about knowing your goals and working together to help you get there. Take advantage of our promotional CD rates and personalized service to put your goals in sight. 

Visit one of our convenient office locations or call 800-462-9515 to get started today. Other rates and terms are available.

Current Certificates of Deposit (CD) Special

Rates are updated daily and are subject to change.1,2
Minimum balance to open and maintain account is $1,000.00.

Term Regular CDs Rate - APY Flex CDs Rate - APY
13 Months 4.75% – 4.75% N/A

*Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are accurate as of January 17, 2024. Receipt of the promotional Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate is contingent upon a minimum investment of $1000 per CD. Penalties may be applied for early withdrawals. At expiration of the promotional term for the CD, terms will automatically renew at the nearest preceding CD term unless otherwise directed by the account holder. Limited time offer. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Ask an employee for additional information on applicable fees and terms. Member FDIC.

If an electronic advertisement displays a triggering term, such as ‘‘bonus’’ or ‘‘APY,’’ then Regulation DD and Part 707 require the advertisement to clearly state certain information, such as the minimum balance required to obtain the advertised APY or bonus. For example, an electronic advertisement can provide the required information 2 12 U.S.C. 4301 et seq., 12 CFR parts 230 and 1030 and 12 CFR part 707 (NCUA). via a link that directly takes the consumer to the additional information.