The Importance of Wills

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Making It Easy

There are many things that go into a financial plan that make preparing for the future beneficial, but what happens on the day we leave our loved ones with not only anguish, but our property and finances? It's often said, “When there is a will, there is a way.” A will can make the lives we care for easier during a time when we are not there to help them.

A will is a legal document that allows you to allocate your assets to the correct people in proportions you choose. Without this document, your finances, your property, and guardianship of your children will be left up to a court to decide. This only makes it difficult for them to choose between equally qualified family members.

Without a will, your funds, property, and other belongings will be distributed to your children, spouse, and other relatives in a matter that may cause disagreements or is inconsistent with your hopes. In most cases, people would rather have the items they have worked hard for, go to the ones who deserve it and most importantly, who can care for it most.

A Service with You in Mind

The HNB Financial Group’s Trust Services understands making this plan can be a challenge. That is why we can act as the executor in wills. This service allows us to be disinterested, meaning we are not concerned about family dynamics; we strictly follow the document. This process permits us to distribute your assets to the exact people you choose. Avoid state law adding complexity to an already unfamiliar process by implementing this document to your financial plan!

Preparing and executing a will is important for just about everybody, no matter the size of his or her bank account. The document provides certainty about who will handle the estate and how its assets are distributed. It also typically, amongst other things, includes language regarding the potential caregiver of any minor children and how taxes should be paid.

Experts You Can Trust

We have a team of experts, waiting to assist you in this process. Charlie Curtain, JD, LLM, CTFA, is VP, Trust Officer here at HNB. He is an active member of the Pennsylvania Bankers Association’s Trust and Estate Committee, the Wayne County Bar Association and Wealth Counsel, a national organization of estate planning professionals. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Lackawanna ProBono, Inc., which assists low income clients with legal matters.

We have been helping people for over 95 years and we will meet with you at no cost! Whether you are interested in learning more about estate planning, guardianship, or the safekeeping of wills and more, contact Charlie today to fulfill your wishes!

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